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Executive Academy LogoExecutive Academy, a programme launched by EFMD Global Network, invites Teaching & Learning professionals to participate in an intense educational experience to further develop their leadership qualities and effectiveness.

Registration for the Europe Stream is now open. More information on the event’s page.


Programme Goals

The programme is designed to make you more effective in your executive role through taking on broader and more strategic responsibility for degree programmes or portfolios.

The Executive Academy’s unique theme is "Leading with Impact".

Through an integrated approach, you will be invited to move beyond the identification of institutional responses to market challenges. You will develop an in-depth understanding of how to become a more effective driver of change. The strong international focus will enable you to integrate global trends into your day-to-day work.

The Executive Academy combines conceptual analysis, integrated application, and personal coaching ensuring sustainable impact.

Target Group

Programme Directors, Associate/Assistant Deans of Teaching & Learning, and Senior Program Managers with a complete overview of (though not necessarily direct responsibility for) the entire academic cycle: admissions, programme design & administration, career services, and alumni management.

For each stream intake, the Executive Academy seeks to accept 1-2 managers of corporate universities or executives of corporate talent management departments to cross-fertilize group learning. Corporate representatives improve their understanding of and their ability to interact with business schools.

The Executive Academy Structure

1. Selection/Admission 2. Preparation 3. Face-To-Face Experience 4. Capstone Project 5. Graduation
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1. A rigorous selection and admission process ensures meaningful, competence-enhancing peer-to-peer interaction for all participants

2. The preparatory phase includes self-study and a comprehensive 360° feedback exercise with the dual focus on personal development and independent reflection. This phase requires 15-20 hours of work.

3. The face-to-face week consists of three major parts. You will explore how to build upon “self-leadership” so as to develop effective ways to manage the “leadership of others,” while also exploring how to raise the performance bar and transform well-performing programmes into excellent ones.

4. The capstone activity consists of two parts: the design and supervised execution of an innovative, strategically relevant project at your home institution, and a feed forward session with a certified coach. The total time commitment for this activity will be at least 20 hours.

5. Upon successful completion of the programme, you will receive the Executive Academy Certificate, issued by EFMD Global Network. Executive Academy alumni subsequently benefit from networking activities that help them stay connected and informed about new developments relevant to their professional work. You will be also provided with opportunities to contribute to future editions of the Executive Academy and other activities of EFMD GN.

The Executive Academy is a global offering with three regional streams - Europe, the Americas and Asia.

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