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The Empowering Development Experience for Teaching & Learning Executives

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Teaching & Learning Executives  - Programme Directors, Assoc./Ass. Deans Teaching & Learning - need to manage academic degree programmes in alignment with institutional strategies, while taking into account a multitude of challenging performance targets. They need to add value by being champions of implementation and mastering the power of influence, but are often provided with limited direct authority to do so. Keeping in mind this existing pressure within the academia, EFMD GN has designed The Executive Academy, the only development offer for leaders of teaching & learning activities and targets the premium segment of the business school sector.

The Executive Academy will be run in three streams spanning the globe: European stream in Prague (May 22-26), Americas stream in Miami (June 19-23) and the Asia stream in October (date and location to be announced soon).

There is a rolling admission process and we will not accept more than 20 participants for each stream. The admission process is rigorous and it is preceded with the fulfillment of the admission form that needs to be sent to exec.academy@efmdglobal.org. Afterwards, the candidates will be interviewed via phone/web by the Committee of Deans. 

The tuition fee (early bird) is EUR 4000, by 31st March for European stream and 30th April for Americas, which excludes travel expenses and local accommodation (VAT may be applicable). We are looking forward to welcoming you at our Executive Academy.


EFMD’s Executive Academy builds on these inherent dilemmas and offers an exciting development journey for teaching and learning executives. The theme of the programme is

“From Leading without Authority to Leading with Impact”

The Executive Academy has been designed to make participants more effective in their professional roles and assume broader and more strategic responsibility for degree programmes (or portfolios).


The Executive Academy will kick off in May with its Europe Stream, which will be followed by the Americas Stream in June. The tour around the globe will conclude with the Asia Stream in October. Participants can register for one of the streams.


The core of the Executive Academy is a face-to-face week in the selected region. It will be preceded by a preparatory phase, which includes self-study and a comprehensive 360° feedback exercise. The face-to-face week will be followed by a project implementation phase at the participants’ home institutions with support and feedback provided by the global faculty facilitators.


Leading Oneself: Participants will go through a self-discovery process to better understand their strengths and limitations, which will contribute to the bridging of self-knowledge and self-leadership.

Leading Others: Participants will explore different ways of motivating and influencing staff, superiors and colleagues. They will learn how to keep up the motivation in the people around them and how they can transform negativity into a source of creativity as well as “demanding” stakeholders into “committed” ones.

Managing Successful Programmes: Coverage includes how to drive a strategy-driven programme design and review process, how to manage different performance layers, how to interlink stakeholder expectations and satisfaction with the impact and relevance agendas, as well as how to capture opportunities of disruptive innovation.


Selectivity: A maximum of 20 participants will be admitted to each stream. A rigorous and challenging admission process will ensure that peer-to-peer interaction in the Executive Academy will be meaningful and ability-enhancing for all participants.

Professional Certificate: The successful completion of the Executive Academy will be rewarded with a professional certificate issued by EFMD Global Network, a leading qualification for Teaching & Learning Executives globally.

Networking: EFMD Global Network will enable graduates to stay connected. Regular alumni activities and the ability to interact with alumni across all streams will enable them to keep abreast with teaching & learning developments globally.

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For further details on application & admission process and tuition fees, please contact exec.academy@efmdglobal.org

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