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Executive Academy LogoExecutive Academy, a programme launched by EFMD Global Network, invites Teaching & Learning professionals to participate in an intense educational experience to further develop their leadership qualities and effectiveness.


The Executive Academy has been designed to make participants more effective in their executive roles, primarily by enabling them to assume broader and more strategic responsibility for degree programmes (or portfolios). The Executive Academy is the top development opportunity for leaders of teaching & learning activities and targets the premium segment of the business school sector. Its value proposition entails an attractive balance of personal development for the individual participant and performance enhancement for the employing/sponsoring organisation

Aims of the programme
The unique, pioneer and accentual theme of the program is "From Leading Without Authority to Leading With Impact".
The Executive Academy’s integrated approach enables participants to move beyond the identification of institutional responses to market challenges. It develops an in-depth understanding how each participant, with his or her abilities and constraints, can become a more effective driver of change.

Target Group
Programme Directors, Associate/Assistant Deans of Teaching & Learning or Senior Programme Managers with complete overview – not necessary direct responsibility -– of the entire academic cycle (admissions, programme design & administration, career services and alumni management). We are looking for tomorrow’s leaders in business education.

The Executive Academy accepts applicants on a rolling basis. Applicants will receive a definitive response within two weeks of submitting an application. Qualified applicants can apply any time and for any of the Executive Academy’s streams.

3 GEOGRAPHICAL STREAMS - 1 Global Programme

The Executive Academy begins with its Europe Stream in Prague on 22 – 26 May followed by the Americas Stream in Miami on September 25 – 29 and concludes with the Asia Stream in 2018. Participants will register for one of the streams.
 Each Stream includes a residential face-to-face week.

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3 PROGRAMME PILLARS - 1 Exciting Development Journey

Leading oneself
Participants go through a self-discovery process to understand their strengths and limitations which will contribute to the bridging of self-knowledge and self-leadership

Leading others
Participants explore different ways of motivating and influencing staff, superiors and colleagues They will learn how to maintain motivation in the people around them and how they can transform “negativity” into a source of “creativity” as well as converting “demanding” stakeholders into “committed” ones.

Managing Successful Programmes
Participants explore how to drive a strategy-driven programme design and review process, how to manage different performance layers, how to interlink stakeholder expectations and satisfaction with impact and relevance agendas as well as how to capture opportunities related to disruptive innovation.

3 MODULES - 1 Rewarding Learning Experience

MODULE 1 - Preparatory work
The Executive Academy starts with a virtually delivered preparatory module focused on personal development as well as independent reading and reflection. It will include the CCL 360 evaluation and requires preparation of several case studies and critical incidents to be discussed in Module 2. This module supports the self-discovery of learning needs and requires 15-20 hours of work.

MODULE 2 - Face-to-face week
Part 1: Leading oneself and others
Participants explore how to build on “self-leadership” to develop effective ways to manage the “leadership of others”.

Part 2: Managing business programmes within a competitive landscape
This thought-provoking module combines a strategic perspective of managing programmes with an in-depth focus on operations. Participants will explore how to raise the performance bar and transform well-performing programmes into excellent ones and relevance agendas as well as how to capture opportunities related to disruptive innovation.

MODULE 3 - Project work and implementation at the workplace
This capstone activity consists of the design and mapping of an innovative project of strategic relevance at the participant’s home institution. The total time commitment for this activity will be at least 20 hours.

3 STREAM COHORTS -1 Great Network

The Academy admits a maximum of 20 participants to each stream. A rigorous and challenging admission process will ensure that peer-to-peer interaction is meaningful and ability-enhancing for all participants.

Professional Certificate
The successful completion of the Executive Academy is rewarded with a professional certificate issued by EFMD / EFMD Global Network. Our intention is to develop the offer into the leading qualification for Teaching & Learning Professionals globally.

EFMD / EFMD GN will enable graduates to stay connected. Regular alumni activities and the ability to interact with any given year’s group of participants across all streams will enable them to keep abreast with Teaching & Learning developments globally.

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Basic Introduction

EFMD GN Executive Academy Brochure

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