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RimaOne is a French-German software editor founded in 2003 with offices in Paris, Bordeaux, France and Frankfurt, Germany, currently working in three sectors: Finance, Industry, and Higher Education, with a special focus on process automation and data gathering.

In the Higher Education sector, our solution ACADEM, a Faculty Activity collaboration tool, is currently being used by more than 80 business schools and universities in 26 countries around the world, with more than 30% of our clients being accredited.

ACADEM supports business schools in their qualitative processes. The solution allows both collecting and qualifying faculty data through a unique platform to generate standard reports for accreditations (e.g. EQUIS and EPAS) and other statistical reports.

One of the key strengths of ACADEM is its high customizability to meet the client’s needs, the option to host the solution either on the client’s or RimaOne’s servers, and the ability to connect to any existing system through web services.

RimaOne has also partnered with EFMD to develop the solution for running the Business School Impact System (BSIS), making the data collection and the generation of the report easier and more efficient through automated workflows between the participating school and the experts.

RimaOne is also partnering with EFMD on the Smart Data Management seminar.

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