Since the start of the pandemic, EFMD Quality Services have revised all their processes with the dual aim of both maintaining the same quality and rigour while also attending to the specific situations of different schools and the safety of those involved in the accreditation processes.

After the schedules and time frames were carefully redesigned, the new frameworks were then tested during spring 2020 and now, following some final refinements, the processes have been confirmed as robust enough to assure the appropriate quality levels when assessing institutions and programmes.

At present, accreditation processes - EQUIS or EFMD Accredited programmes - are continuing uninterrupted using the specified online schedules.

The schedules for the online reviews are available on our website here.

It is worth noting several features of the online accreditation process.  Firstly, the process now extends over more days while the amount of daily interaction with each school is reduced; this is in order to ensure a balance between the necessary and useful online interaction with the focus which this demands.

The chairs of the Peer Review Teams are supported in the process by Key Account Managers who interact with each school, facilitating the technical aspects in advance of the review as well as clarifying any queries arising from the new process, whether from the Peer Review Team or the school.

Directors and Senior Advisors are also available for further clarification of the process.

Throughout the process, particular attention is paid to the preparation of the base room so that the Peer Review Team has access to materials before the visit. This enables the Team to prepare the themes and questions in advance of the visit and thus make the most out of the interaction with the school through more focused discussions.

It is recommended that schools limit the number of people participating in each session in order to facilitate productive dialogue.  Other special features of the online visit are the virtual tour of the facilities which the school can provide in a variety of ways.

In sum, while the logic and structure of the schedule of the peer review visit remains the same, the specifics of the virtual interaction have been adjusted to maximise the quality of the process.

Experience has shown that the format and guidelines are providing excellent outcomes both for schools and Reviewers. The Committees and Boards have thus received the high-quality reports as expected enabling them to base their discussions on these thorough assessments.

The current conditions, safety regulations, travel restrictions and general concern for the team members participating make it highly likely that we will maintain online accreditations at least for the first half of 2022.

Nevertheless, this decision can be revised if the conditions are better than expected.

Documents and guidelines are available via the following page.

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