A corporate learning function that wishes to apply for CLIP accreditation must become a full member of EFMD. Passing through CLIP will typically require 6-12 months. The re-accreditation process is shorter.


Non-binding preliminary advice is offered to a corporate university or corporate learning function about the likelihood of being declared eligible for CLIP.

Formal application

A corporate learning function that wishes to achieve CLIP accreditation must send in an application form and complete a datasheet.

Eligibility visit

An eligibility visit by the CLIP Director or a delegate will be organised by the EFMD office as soon as possible after reception of the formal application for entry into the CLIP scheme.

This stage is designed to make sure that corporate learning functions enter the CLIP scheme with a full understanding of both the criteria and the process, and that only those organisations enter that have a high probability of successful completion.

The eligibility decision

The CLIP Accreditation Sub-Committee (CASC) will declare a corporate learning organisation eligible if it is satisfied that the school meets the eligibility criteria.


The self-assessment report should cover the five chapters of the CLIP Standards and Criteria document in accordance with the guidance for self-assessment in the CLIP Process Manual. The preparation of a self-assessment report is a guided process.

Peer review visit

A team of peer reviewers, made up of the CLIP Director and heads of accredited learning functions, will visit the learning organisation to assess its standing as regards the CLIP standards and to provide input for future progress.

The peer review report sets out the team's final assessment of the learning organisation in terms of points of excellence, strengths, areas of development, and considerations for the future, together with its recommendation to the CASC.


The peer review report and the CLIP profile sheet are submitted to the CASC for the final decision on accreditation. The outcome will be 5-year accreditation, 3-year accreditation or non-accreditation.

Continuous improvement following accreditation

All learning organisations within the CLIP system are expected to pursue a continuous development plan. They will present to the CLIP Steering Committee on their experience going through CLIP, and they will provide a mid-term report half-way through the accreditation period.


A corporate learning function that wishes to maintain its accreditation must enter a process of re-accreditation at the end of the three- or five-year period.


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