Signing and Inauguration Ceremony for Establishment of the Global Institute of Supply Chain and Logistics (GISCL) Held at BJTU

On the morning of June 17, 2015, the signing ceremony and inauguration ceremony for the establishment of the Global Institute of Supply Chain and Logistics (GISCL) between Beijing Jiaotong University and Erasmus University of Rotterdam (EUR), the Netherlands was held at the Siyuan Building. The School of Economics and Management, BJTU and Rotterdam School of Management, EUR are the founding members of the Institute. More world-class logistics research institutes will be included according to the regulations.

Mr. CAO Guoyong, Chairman of the University Council, attended the signing ceremony and inaugurated for the establishment of the Global Institute of Supply Chain and Logistics. Steef van de Velde (Dean, Rotterdam School of Management) and ZHANG Mingyu (Chairman of the School Council, School of Economics and Management), on behalf of each collaborative institution, signed the cooperative agreement.

CAO Guoyong said the implementation of the national key strategies of “Belt and Road Initiative” and “Coordinated Development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Area” will strongly stimulate the development of global supply chain, which in turn requires the basis support of the efficient and convenient logistics system. The research work of supply chain and logistics with global view would provide intellectual support for the policy-making of supply chain and logistics in the new circumstances. With the feature and advantage of the logistics research on rail transit, the Logistics Management of Beijing Jiaotong University is leading domestically and also has an important influence across the globe. The Rotterdam School of Management, ErasmusUniversity is a world-class business school, leading the world in the field of cargo shipping. The powerful combination of both sides would definitely give full play to the respective academic advantages on logistics research, develop the Institute into the scientific research platform with characteristics and high level as well as become the important think tank for the governments, industries and enterprises.

The Global Institute of Supply Chain and Logistics positions itself as the open and world-class research institute. Apart from the excellent scholars from BJTU and EUR, it will also bring together first-class experts from all over the world to aim at the research front of global supply chain and logistics management, international logistics under China’s new economic situation and issues regarding cross-border E-commerce, big data and sustainable development. It is dedicated to achieving research breakthroughs, enriching fundamental theories of supply chain and logistics and promoting the practice development and theory innovation of logistics management.

The Institute centers on the implementation of national strategies and conducts in-depth research on the significant issues of the current development of logistics that need urgent solution. Currently, the Institute will focus on the construction and optimization of the transportation and distribution network for the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area as well as the research work of such frontier subjects as cargo shipping, port logistics, multimodal transport system design of high-speed railway transportation, operation optimization and risk management.

After the signing ceremony, CAO Guoyong also conferred the letter of appointment to Ms. ZHANG Ying (Vice Dean, Rotterdam School of Management) as the honorary professor of the School of Economics and Management.

Vice President LIU Jun and principals from the Office of International Affairs and School of Economics and Management were also present at the signing ceremony.