The LIFT Certification process has 6 steps:


The learning function that wants to enter LIFT Certification contacts EFMD Corporate Services to have an initial discussion to determine eligibility and complete an application form as well as a data sheet.

Self-Assessment Report

The learning function completes a self-assessment report providing more detailed information on the four LIFT Standards and illustrates them through 3-5 use cases.

Virtual Peer Review

The learning function will organise a 4-hour virtual Peer Review between their key stakeholders and the EFMD LIFT Certification team.

LIFT Learning Impact Dashboard and Report

The EFMD LIFT team will generate a Learning Impact Dashboard and Report, providing the learning function with an outside-in view of their maturity in approaching impact and providing insights into how they can further mature.

Wrap-up Discussion

A final debrief will be carried out between the EFMD LIFT team lead and the learning function on their report and the process.

Announcement of LIFT Certification

The EFMD LIFT team officially announces the learning functions LIFT Certification, which is valid for 3 years.

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