The learning organisation that wishes to enter the SLR process should submit an application form together with a duly completed datasheet setting out basic information about its structure and activities.

Preparation for on-site visit

A designated project leader will interact with EFMD in the preparation of the on-site visit. They will put together all the necessary documentation and construct the interview schedule. The success of the review process depends on the careful management of this preparatory phase. 
Prior to the on-site visit, the learning organisation prepares the following documents: 
  • The six-point assessment report
  • Supporting documents 
  • The schedule of meetings and interviews 
The schedule of meetings for the one-day visit should be agreed ahead of time between the EFMD and the learning organisation. 

1-day onsite visit

The review visit will be carried out by a team of two EFMD experts. The experts are experienced members of the EFMD Corporate Services staff and former Chief Learning Officers with wide exposure to the L&D environment.


A five to ten pages long report will be sent to the company within one month following the visit. The report will set out the findings and conclusions of the review.

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