Every case entered must be submitted via this website. Please note that we will not be accepting any paper submissions. Please pay close attention to the fact that any reference to the author and/or his institution anywhere in the text must be removed.
The following documents must be submitted via this website:
  1. Executive Summary highlighting the issues in the situation and the nature of the available data
  2. Case
  3. Teaching Notes including clear identification of the concepts that the case is aiming to teach (see Evaluation Criteria), with the exception of cases submitted in the corporate track for which teaching notes are not compulsory
  4. Case Release Form/Company Release Form:
    If you are using already published data from the company, you base your case on, then your case does not require a Case Release Form/Company Release Form. You will be asked for the reason when submitting your case. However, if you are using unpublished data from the company, you must submit a Case Release Form/Company Release Form, i.e. a response from the company giving permission for the case to be used. Please adapt these for your own purposes if necessary.

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