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Operations and Production Management

Category sponsored by International Journal of Operations & Production Management


Dr Stanley Frederick Lim
Arizona State University
PhD obtained at: University of Cambridge

Thesis Title: Examining last-mile distribution networks in e-commerce omnichannel retailing: A supply network configuration approach
Supervisor: Jagjit Singh Srai

Highly Commended

Dr Maricela Connie Arellano Caro
ETH Zurich
PhD obtained at: HEC Montréal

Thesis Title: An institutional and socio-cognitive view of the adoption of operational practices in production sites
Supervisor: Silvia Ponce

Dr Amy Benstead
University of Manchester
PhD obtained at: Lancaster University

Thesis Title: Research: Reshoring and Modern Slavery in the supply chain: case study evidence and action research in the Textiles and Fashion Industry
Supervisor: Linda Hendry

Dr Yamini S
Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli
PhD obtained at: Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Thesis Title: Determination and impact of the behavioural biases of a worker on the execution of a task
Supervisor: Dr Rahul R. Marathe

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Category sponsored by: International Journal of Logistics Management


Dr Vincent Castillo
Ohio State University
PhD obtained at: University of Tennessee

Thesis Title: An Inquiry into the Supply Chain Strategy Implications of the Sharing Economy for Last Mile Logistics
Supervisor: Diane Mollenkopf and John Bell

Highly Commended

Dr Seongtae Kim
ETH Zurich
PhD obtained at: University of Hull

Thesis Title: The impact of ethical sourcing on financial performance: An event study analysis
Supervisor: Claudia Colicchia

Educational Leadership and Strategy

Category sponsored by: Journal of Educational Administration


Dr Sherry Ganon-Shilon
Bar-Ilan University
Thesis Title: Exploring School Principals’ Sense-Making of Their Leadership Role within the National Reform “Courage to Change”
Supervisor: Prof. Chen Schechter

Highly Commended

Dr Sujay Nair
University of Melbourne
Thesis Title: 3 essays: 1. Hiring professional contract workers: does the control environment matter? 2. Leniency bias and organizational performance. 3. The role of reward systems in building relational contracts
Supervisor: Margaret Abernethy

Management and Governance

Category sponsored by: Management Decision


Ms Irina Atkova
University of Oulu
Thesis Title: From opportunity to business model—an entrepreneurial action perspective
Supervisor: Petri Ahokangas

Highly Commended

Dr Ibrahim Alhassan
Saudi Electronic University
PhD obtained at: University College of Cork

Thesis Title: Critical Success Factors for Data Governance: A Theory-Building Approach
Supervisor: Prof. David Sammon

Dr Tatiana Beliaeva
Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT
Thesis Title: Complementarity and contextualization of firm-level strategic orientations
Supervisors: Professor Paavo Ritala and Professor Galina Shirokova

Dr Anne Fennimore
Florida Atlantic University
Thesis Title: Rethinking public service motivation: The role of communal narcissism
Supervisor: Dr Arthur Sementelli

Dr Anders Kryger
Copenhagen Business School
Thesis Title: Aligning future employee action and corporate strategy in a resource-scarce environment
Supervisor: Maribel Blasco

Human Resource Management

Category sponsored by: Personnel Review


Dr Fotios Mitsakis
Nottingham Trent University
PhD obtained at: University of Strathclyde

Thesis Title: Strategic Human Resource Development Maturity: An Investigation into Greek Banks at the time of the Economic Crisis
Supervisor: Prof. Colin Lindsay

Leadership and Organization Development

Category sponsored by: Leadership & Organization Development Journal


Dr Olga Gianzina-Kassotaki
University of Warwick
Thesis Title: Ambidexterity and leadership: A multilevel analysis of the aerospace and defense organizations
Supervisor: Sotirios Paroutis

Highly Commended

Dr Robert Lundmark
Umeå Univeristy
PhD obtained at: Karolinska Institutet
Thesis Title: Making or breaking organizational interventions: The role of leadership
Supervisor: Susanne Tafvelin

Dr Jess Schulschenk
University of Cape Town
Thesis Title: Effecting strategic change: The work of strategic champions in shaping narrative infrastructure
Supervisor: Prof Ralph Hamann

Health Care Management

Category sponsored by: Journal of Health Organization and Management


Virginia Rosales
HEC Montréal
PhD obtained at: Umeå University

Thesis Title: The interplay of roles and routines: Situating, patterning, and performances in the emergency department
Supervisor: Mattias Jacobsson

Highly Commended

Miss Rossella Onofrio
Politecnico di Milano
Thesis Title: Assessing the Influence of Personal and Organizational Factors on surgeon’s performance: a Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) Approach
Supervisor: Prof. Paolo Trucco

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Category sponsored by: Tourism Review


Mr Haipeng Jin
Sun Yat-sen University
PhD obtained at: James Cook University

Thesis Title: Understanding Chinese tourist shopping in Australia: A social practice perspective
Supervisor: Gianna Moscardo

Highly Commended

Dr Vanja Bogicevic
The Ohio State University
Thesis Title: Service Preview Using Virtual Reality: Enhancing Hotel Pre-Experience
Supervisor: Jay Kandampully

Dr Jun Gao
Sun Yat-sen University
PhD obtained at: University of Waikato

Thesis Title: Tourism impacts on the border: An ethnographic case study of Daluo on the China-Myanmar border
Supervisor: Prof. Chris Ryan

Mrs Mijana Matosevic Radic
University of Split
Thesis Title: Tourism and the convergence of economic growth in the European Union member states
Supervisor: Prof. Lidija Petri

Dr Siripan Deesilatham
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
PhD obtained at: Royal Holloway University of Londo
Thesis Title: Wellness Tourism: Determinants of Incremental Enhancement in Tourists’ Quality of Life
Supervisor: Professor Sameer Hosany


Category sponsored by:European Journal of Marketing


Dr Martin Hirche
University of Melbourne
PhD obtained at: University of South Australia

Thesis Title: An empirical analysis of stock-keeping units deviating from the Reibstein-Farris distribution and market share model: the role of product- and distribution-related characteristics
Supervisor: Professor Larry Lockshin

Highly Commended

Dr Rafaela Almeida Cordeiro
Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing
Thesis Title: My family and friends are worth their weight in gold: consumer financial-decision making in the context of Brazil
Supervisor: Mateus Canniatti Ponchio

Dr Sara Catalán
University of Zaragoza
Thesis Title: Engaging users through gamification. The role of emotions, motivation, and flow.
Supervisor: Isabel Buil Carrasco

Professor Martin Paul Fritze
University of Cologne
PhD obtained at: University of Rostock

Thesis Title: Sharing Economy and Dematerialization: Essays on the Role of Ownership for Consumer Behavior and Business Models in Service Contexts
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Martin Benkenstein

Dr Simon Hazée
HEC Liège
Thesis Title: Why customers do not participate in the access economy
Supervisor: Yves VAN VAERENBERGH

Dr Laetitia Mimoun
Cass Business School,University of London
PhD obtained at: HEC Paris

Thesis Title: Revisiting Liminality in Consumer Research: Pursuing Liquid Lifestyles in the Marketplace
Supervisor: Tina M Lowrey

Dr Cathy Nguyen
University of South Australia
Thesis Title: Advertising Two Brands: Studying the Effects of Co-advertising on Ad & Brand Memorability
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Armando Maria Corsi

Dr Anwar Sadat Shimul
Curtin University
Thesis Title: Conceptualising Luxury Brand Attachment
Supervisor: Professor Ian Phau

Dr Tobias Otterbring
Aarhus University
PhD obtained at: Karlstad University

Thesis Title: A Shaken Self on Shopping: Consumer Threats and Compensatory Consumption
Supervisor: Per Kristensson


Category sponsored by: Managerial Finance


Mr Thibaut Morillon
University of Missouri
Thesis Title: Three Essays on Mergers and Acquisitions
Supervisor:John Howe

Highly Commended

Professor Seth Hoelscher
PhD obtained at: University of Oklahoma
Missouri State University

Thesis Title: Essays in Corporate Finance and Financial Intermediation
Supervisor: Chitru S. Fernando

Dr Patrick Reichert
PhD obtained at: Université libre de Bruxelles

Thesis Title: Subsidies, Profits and Trade-offs in Social Finance: Applications to Microfinance
Supervisor: Marek Hudon

Dr Xinting Zhen
Saint Michael's College
PhD obtained at: Illinois Institute of Technology

Thesis Title: Three essays in financial institutions and corporate finance
Supervisor: Haizhi Wang

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