Opportunities to Host

Why should you host?

Hosting an EFMD event enables you to increase the visibility of your institution and showcase your school and its facilities to the global network of EFMD members and peers who come from leading business schools and companies from around the world.

Who can host?

Any institution that is a member of EFMD, is active in the specific network for which it wants to host and has the capacity and facilities to host is eligible to put themselves forward.
EFMD always tries to have a certain geographical spread with the host institutions and might therefore have to defer certain applications for future years.

What are the commitments?

As well as the hosting & logistical commitments specific to every activity, a person from the institution who has expertise in the content of the event is expected to join the steering committee of the network for three years. For example, this would be the Dean of the School if the event is the Deans & Director Conference or the MBA Director if it is the MBA Conference. We also like to have the Dean of the School and the Marketing & Communications team involved in events, as this ensures the event has top-level support.

When can the institution host an event?

Almost all of the EFMD events take place in specific periods of the year that should be respected by the host institution. Ideally, the host of an activity should be announced a year in advance, and dates agreed together by the host institution and EFMD.

Where can an activity take place?

The activities will be organised in your institution so that it also adds value to the activity itself and increases your visibility. It is, therefore, essential for the institution to have the capacity to accommodate the activity.

How can you apply?

Please complete the document in the attachment according to the network you are interested in hosting and send it to the person responsible for that activity and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Should you need additional information on hosting opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact the person in charge of the activity you are interested in.