EFMD and responsible management

EFMD is a strong advocate of the social and environmental imperatives that must accompany business practices globally. Our commitment is to offer professionals and institutions involved with management learning and organisational development the opportunity to be part of a dynamic, relevant and diverse network, sharing the common objective of developing effective and socially responsible leaders and managers.

  • UN_Global_Compact

    United Nations Global Compact

    In 2003, EFMD signed a partnership agreement with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and launched the Global Responsibility Invitation which in turn led to the creation of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI). Moreover, EFMD has worked closely with the UNGC as a founding member in the development and formulations of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). In 2016, EFMD reaffirmed its support to the UNGC and its Ten Principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption through the Communication of Engagement.

    Learn more at https://www.unglobalcompact.org

  • GRLI

    Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

    In 2003, EFMD signed a partnership agreement with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and launched the Global Responsibility Invitation which in turn led to the creation of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI). The GRLI exists to catalyse the development of globally responsible leadership and practice in business and society worldwide. Since its formal foundation by strategic partner EFMD and the UNGC in 2004, the GRLI now also counts the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International as a long-term strategic partner.

    Learn more at https://grli.org

  • RRBM

    Responsible Research in Business and Management Network

    EFMD supports the dissemination of the White Paper on Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM), led by a group of renowned scholars. The White Paper, the Principles, and the Community present a vision of a future in which business schools and scholars worldwide have successfully transformed their research toward responsible science – defined as research that produces credible and reliable knowledge with either direct or indirect usefulness for addressing problems important to both business and society. EFMD has helped to design and maintains the community website which was launched in early 2017, and provides administrative and communication support to the network.

    Learn more at https://rrbm.network

  • PRME_logo

    Principles for Responsible Management Education

    EFMD has worked closely with the UNGC since 2006 as a founding member in the development and formulations of The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). The PRME initiative has grown to 750 business schools and management-related academic institutions from over 82 countries across the world.

    Learn more at http://www.unprme.org/



    This research-based, 4-year project supports and increases gender equality in the European Research Area. It gets its inspiration from a previous string of research of the European Institute for Gender Equality. Each partner institution will develop and apply Gender Equality Plan and advocate for a pan-European implementation of the process. The project incorporates a consortium of 8 business schools, universities and associations and is funded by the H2020 programme of the EU. EFMD is in charge of designing a methodology for measuring the project’s impact on the partner institutions and draft recommendations for the inclusion of quality indicators by accreditation agencies.

    Learn more at https://equal4europe.eu

  • Inclusive_Growth_Howard_Thomas

    Inclusive Growth: Financial and Social Inclusion book

    Written by Howard Thomas, Senior Advisor, EFMD and Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, Chief Global Economist at the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth. 

    The challenge of income inequality is the most important issue in many emerging and developing economies. In this book, the authors conceptualise inclusive growth as a process of democratising productivity and extending fundamental rights for all citizens to access and participate in the vital networks of financial and other services that are the indispensable enablers of increasing productivity in any economy. The origins and logic of the book arise from the Mastercard programme on Financial Inclusion, which was undertaken at Singapore Management University in the period 2015 - 2018.  It involved both research studies and case studies to illustrate the importance of financial and social inclusion, with particular reference to Asian economies. 

    The book is supported by EFMD and will be published in June 2018 by Emerald Group Publishing.

    Learn more at https://books.emeraldinsight.com/inclusive-growth/

  • equis board

    EFMD’s EQUIS & Programme Accreditation Systems

    Ethics, Responsibility & Sustainability is fully embedded into both of the EFMD international accreditation systems: EQUIS institutional accreditation since January 2013 and EPAS programme accreditation since January 2014. We were the first accreditation body to give such importance to the responsible management issues in our accreditation standards; being an active agent of change in the management development industry. Responsible management (ethical behaviour, social responsibility, sustainability) is one of the underpinning criteria in the EFMD quality improvement systems. It should be embedded in business school policies and operations, teaching and research.

    More information on EQUIS is available here: https://efmdglobal.org/equis/

    More information on EFMD Programme Accreditation is available here: https://efmdglobal.org/efmd-accredited/

  • English - updated for 2018

    Sustainable Business Book Series

    EFMD works with the Center for Industrial Productivity and Sustainability (www.cipsfoundation.com) and the Product-Life Institute, Europe’s oldest sustainability-based think tank and consultancy (www.product-life.org), to provide business communities with proven, training-based books, manuals, and videos to help managers engineer a more sustainable future for their companies. A key component of our education portfolio is The Sustainable Business, an award-winning introduction to sustainability that is distributed as a free download in numerous languages.

    Learn more at https://www.efmdglobal.org/knowledge/sustainability-entrepreneurship/

  • Sulitest


    Sulitest is a movement whose mission is to support expanded sustainability knowledge, skills and mindset that motivates individuals to become deeply committed to building a sustainable future and to make informed and effective decisions. Sulitest offers a set of online tools for raising awareness and improving understanding of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. EFMD has supported the Sulitest since its inception.

    Learn more at https://www.sulitest.org/