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Workbook 1: Waste Elimination

Workbook 2: Resource-Life Extension

“The Jiangsu Yueda Group is one of China's key state-owned enterprises. We came upon 'The Sustainable Business' book and workbooks, met with the authors (who conducted a seminar with us), and have now recommended that these materials be used as a practical action-guide in our company and its subsidiaries.  Clearly, eliminating waste and extending the profit-life of resources are the core components of how business must be conducted in the future.  'The Sustainable Business' is a great source of significant value, both practical and profound and worthy of reading in every business and industrial zone that wants to increase its chances of profitability in a world that continuously faces many challenges."

Judy Yong Shao

Vice Chairman and President, Yueda Group; Deputy, 11th National Party Congress, China

"The Sustainable Businessis the operational guide for the sustainable development of our company, not least because it summarises the abstract concept of ‘sustainable development’ into two forms of application – waste elimination and resource-life extension – and lays out a clear path to their achievement."

Mahindra Tractor Co Ltd

Yancheng Economic Development Zone, China

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