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Online learning, deployed at an unprecedented scale in the aftermath of the pandemic, offers many opportunities. Curated programme design, forward-looking experiential learning, and diversity and inclusiveness are part of an online experience. Simultaneously, students' engagement and assessment, peripheral learning, and quality assurance, pose challenges to online programmes and courses.


“The Online Learning Community (OLC) is a peer-generated group designed to bring together individuals and organisations who share a common interest in developing high quality online learning. Through its activities and offerings the OLC aims to highlight good practice in online management education, to sustain the development of quality in provision and nurture the enhancement of skills amongst those who are part of it.”

Keith Pond

Director, EOCCS, EFMD

Whether you are venturing into the online, blended or hybrid teaching and learning, or looking into mastering your online design, operations or quality assurance processes, EFMD offers a portfolio of interactive events and services to accompany you on this journey.

EFMD’s offer spans webinars, seminars, professional development programmes and immersive events.

A trusted community of international experts and peers will help you navigate the online teaching and learning landscape.

Join an international online learning community

Online Teaching Academy

Going beyond remote teaching to master online education

The EFMD Online Teaching Academy will help you to master your online teaching skills, all while keeping up with trends in online business education. 

This certified professional development programme provides theoretical and practical tools to design an effective online or blended learning experience based on sound learning-design principles, best practices and insights.

The Academy is best suited for faculty and learning designers, from beginners to experienced facilitators.

Leading experts in the field will help you adapt your online offering fast while not compromising the quality of delivery. You will understand the value and opportunities of an online delivery and learn how to become an effective online instructor.

Upon completion of the Academy, you will receive a certificate of participation.

Rethinking Business Education

Building your online strategy

This professional development programme helps you make real progress in developing your institution’s sustainable online education strategy.


A group of experts and a supportive community will guide you through this complex process.


You will get access to a range of tools, including an institutional questionnaire, a learning journal to systematically capture your thoughts, and a digital presentation template that you can use to develop a showcase presentation.


Exchange of experiences, ideas, and problem-solving using action learning principles, lie at the core of this programme, which is addressed to deans, executive directors and learning experience managers.


Upon completion of the workshop, you will receive an EFMD badge.

Discover testimonials

"I really enjoyed the EFMD workshop ‘Rethinking Business Education - building your own online strategy’. It is a must for anyone who wants to professionalise and create a vision for their online and blended offering. We had been exploring some possibilities around online and blended learning in the past, but the COVID19 crisis accelerated this evolution. We now need to set out a strategy and long-term vision around online and blended learning. This workshop gives you all the frameworks and tools you need to realise this. It is also very nice that the approach provides space for consulting people from within your organisation before and after the various sessions so that the developed strategy is immediately supported. It was also a pleasant experience to follow this course in the midst of the pandemic. It was reassuring to hear that other colleagues were struggling with the same things and it was very inspiring to hear how they coped. The sharing of experiences, ideas and ambitions was one of the biggest assets for me in this workshop."

Ellen Verschooren

Learning Experience Manager, Antwerp Management School

"It was so interesting and remarkable the "Rethinking Business Education" workshop: I appreciated the tools provided to support the definition of a sustainable online strategy, but, above all, the genuine and authentic discussions with my peers as well as the moderators, alongside the three-day workshop, about the trends of the online strategies and the new challenges Highered Education is required to deal with in the new normal.

Moreover, when it comes to the main feeling and thought I brought from the workshop, I would like to share the following one: as technology allowed us to overcome the time and space limits in particular during the recent months, by being connected from everywhere without interrupting the contributions the Business Schools give to the Community, at the same time in that workshop  the differences and “distance” in being competitors were completely overtaken. In fact, in my opinion what prevailed was the purpose of sharing experiences, ideas, reflections, regardless of the level of maturity of the own School’s digital strategy and only with the aim of contributing each other and gathering inspirations from other experiences or from the ones generated together in the break-out room discussions."

Angela Montagano

Internationalization, Quality & Students Services COO, MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business

"Our learnings from the Online Teaching Academy greatly helped us in the Asian Institute of Management to effectively switch to online classrooms when the Covid-19 pandemic hit.  Thanks to this programme, our online classrooms were well-received by students and we already have a degree program that we will be switching to blended online format moving forward."

Rebecca R. Ricalde

Clinical Professor, Asian Institute of Management

EFMD Online Course Certification System (EOCCS)

EOCCS provides business and management courses run online with a quality-driven international certification system, firmly embedded in the general philosophy of EFMD accreditations: internationalisation, practical relevance and quality improvement.

Learning design

Institutional sustainability

Quality improvement

EOCCS Webinars

Keep up-to-date with online education trends

EOCCS community webinars bring topical updates and discussions regularly, sourcing from diverse expert opinions and fostering an exchange of views.

Join us in the series of engaging virtual discussions about hot topics in online learning. Attendance is normally free, but requires prior registration.

Anyone with an interest in online education is welcome to join the webinars.

'The webinars promoted by EFMD Global continuously address the latest topics in higher education and bring together interesting speakers who generously share their experience and provide their views on the challenges addressed in the webinars. Learning from the experience of others has helped me to evolve by revisiting and adding new tools to improve the impact of my own teaching. For sure I will keep attending.'

Ana Lúcia Martins

Vice-Dean for Teaching and Innovation - ISCTE Business School

Gamification of Learning

Designing an engaging classroom experience

The Gamification of Learning workshop will help you get familiar with the concept and benefits of gamification as well as its use in business education.


In a mixed format of presentations, discussions, individual assignments and peer-based exercises, you will gain theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills, tips and tools to design your own immersive classroom experience.


The training is best suited for faculty members, programme managers as well as associate deans. Whether you are working on adjusting your content to the digital environment, tackling a challenging topic, seeking to motivate students to complete assigned materials and readings before a class or looking for innovative ways to improve internal processes, gamification is the right approach for you.


Upon completion of the programme, you will receive an electronic badge to signify your achievement.

Discover testimonials

“This Gamification of Learning workshop stood out in terms of clear communication; professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable lecturer, opportunities of networking, and inspirational and applicable assignments. I would definitely recommend this workshop.”

Bettina Brockman

Program Manager, TUM

“I truly enjoyed the workshop “Gamification of Learning”. Rob provided us with a clear strategy how to design games or gamified elements for teaching. 

I found the combination of Zoom meetings, group work, assignments and peer feedback very valuable and effective.”

Christina Vonhoff

Head ofAccreditation, University of Mannheim Business School

A look-back at the 2018 EOCCS Online Learning Community Symposium

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EOCCS Learning Community Symposium

Trends and quality in online delivery

Over the years, the community of institutions and courses certified by EOCCS has captured significant expertise and insights. The main goal of the EOCCS Learning Community Symposium is to facilitate interaction and exchange of best practice between peers and online learning experts from the EOCCS community and beyond, and find solutions to challenges the online education sector is facing.


The Symposium brings an up-to-date theme and features key note addresses from academic and corporate institutions, expert panel sessions, group discussions and interactive workshops.


EOCCS certified institutions attend at no cost. The event is open to all online teachers, developers and technologists.