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Online learning, deployed at an unprecedented scale in the aftermath of the pandemic, offers many opportunities. Curated programme design, forward-looking experiential learning, and diversity and inclusiveness are part of an online experience. Simultaneously, students' engagement and assessment, peripheral learning, and quality assurance, pose challenges to online programmes and courses.

“The Online Learning Community (OLC) is a peer-generated group designed to bring together individuals and organisations who share a common interest in developing high quality online learning. Through its activities and offerings the OLC aims to highlight good practice in online management education, to sustain the development of quality in provision and nurture the enhancement of skills amongst those who are part of it.”

Keith Pond

Director, EOCCS, EFMD

Whether you are venturing into the online, blended or hybrid teaching and learning, or looking into mastering your online design, operations or quality assurance processes, EFMD offers a portfolio of interactive events and services to accompany you on this journey.

EFMD’s offer spans webinars, seminars, professional development programmes and immersive events.

A trusted community of international experts and peers will help you navigate the online teaching and learning landscape.

Join an international online learning community

Online Teaching Academy

Going beyond remote teaching to master online education

Digital technologies are transforming education in an unprecedented way. As online teaching and learning become indispensable, we discover new challenges and opportunities.

The Online Teaching Academy is a certified professional development programme that offers participants the theoretical and practical tools to design effective online or blended courses.

  • Delving into learning-design principles, best practices and trends of online education, faculty members and researchers train to become effective online instructors and create engaging learning experiences that go beyond video conferencing.
  • Facilitated by world-leading experts in online course design, this highly interactive hybrid programme covers all aspects of online teaching with the aim of delivering high-quality online management education.

For insights on blended learning programmes and reflections from previous Online Teaching Academies, visit the conversation here.


Rethinking Business Education

Building your online strategy

Crafting and executing an enduring digital strategy is vital for business schools to stay abreast of current trends, enhance sustainability and cost-effectiveness, and maintain their status as centres of excellence.

The Rethinking Business Education Workshop aims to assist business schools in developing a new, coherent, and innovative strategy, using digital learning to modernise their educational activities.

The programme comprises three sessions: in-depth testimonials from the field, with a keen focus on the strategic dimension, a workshop for co-creating strategic lines for digital learning, and a glimpse into upcoming trends set to shape the landscape of digital learning strategies in the years ahead.

This workshop is designed for Deans, Executive Directors and Programme Managers and could be of interest for faculty and professional staff involved in online learning strategy.

Discover testimonials

'The Rethinking Business Education workshop gave us the chance to reflect on our online strategy: the steps taken so far to overcome the difficulties brought on by the pandemic and how successful they were, how faculty, staff and students reacted with resilience and adapted promptly to the changes. What is more, the event was an opportunity for comparison and exchange with peers in a stimulating space, to address future challenges of our online strategies. A helpful reminder that cooperation and shared knowledge are the keys to constant improvement and to providing students with a high-quality online learning experience.'

Prof. Enzo Peruffo

Associate Dean for Education, Director of MBA & Executive Education LUISS Business School

'The Rethinking Business Education workshop was not only interesting but also inspiring. The theoretical input and especially the discussions in the small groups helped a lot to look at problems from different angles, thus breaking down rigid ways of thinking. After completing this workshop, I now feel empowered and equipped to effectively work on building a sustainable online strategy for our institution.'

Tania Kornsteiner

Research Assistant, HAW School of Management and Law

'The Online Teaching Academy helped me to re-consider not only my own courses in distance learning education but how to approach complete study programmes when we plan to put them online. I received a completely new perspective. The whole Academy was engaging, the team was active, and we received practical advice from Sarah and Martin. Since the Academy, I have many ideas to improve my courses.'

Beata Udvari

Deputy Dean for Education, Associate Professor, University of Szeged

EFMD Online Course Certification System (EOCCS)

EOCCS provides business and management courses run online with a quality-driven international certification system, firmly embedded in the general philosophy of EFMD accreditations: internationalisation, practical relevance and quality improvement.

Learning design

Institutional sustainability

Quality improvement

EOCCS Webinars

Keep up-to-date with online education trends

EOCCS community webinars bring topical updates and discussions regularly, sourcing from diverse expert opinions and fostering an exchange of views.

Join us in the series of engaging virtual discussions about hot topics in online learning. Attendance is normally free, but requires prior registration.

Anyone with an interest in online education is welcome to join the webinars.

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'EOCCS community webinars always provide me with new inputs and ideas to feed my digital teaching practices. It helps me to keep up to date with cutting-edge tools and practices. I like sharing with the EOCCS online community. I highly recommend these insightful short webinars!'

Christelle Theron

Associate Dean for Educational Innovation, Toulouse School of Management

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Gamification of Learning

Designing an engaging classroom experience

Gamification of Learning is an innovative pedagogical approach that builds on the psychology of human engagement. It capitalises on strategies and design ideas from games to improve motivation, knowledge retention and attitude towards the learning process.

The Gamification of Learning training programme takes participants step-by-step through designing a gamified learning experience.

  • Best practices and useful tips and tricks from experts are shared in a collaborative environment.
  • This five-week online programme welcomes programme directors, instructional designers as well as faculty interested in building an engaging learning experience for their learners.

Participants attend live sessions with facilitators, work on individual projects, and brainstorm with peers to pioneer learning solutions that boost engagement in the classroom.

For insights and reflections from previous Gamification of Learning workshops, visit the conversation here


Discover testimonials

'Although I have been using games and simulations to teach my students for many years, this course gave me the theoretical framework for my actions and a clear procedure to follow to make more games and improve the ones I already make. It is excellent!'

Assistant Professor

Prague University of Economics and Business

'This Gamification of Learning workshop stood out in terms of clear communication; professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable lecturer, opportunities for networking, and inspirational and applicable assignments. I would definitely recommend this workshop.'

Bettina Brockman

Programme Manager, TUM

If you want to find out how gamification can help in the design of courses and creating engaging learning materials, as well as network with other like-minded creative people, then I would very much recommend this course

The Gamification workshop is a very engaging training that could help any trainer in the education or non-educational world to create a fun and structured training with students/employees/peers.

A look-back at the 2018 EOCCS Online Learning Community Symposium

EOCCS Learning Community Symposium

Trends and quality in online delivery

From digital badges to boot camps, the demand and offer for online learning initiatives have rocketed. As we rely more on remote education, we discover the challenges and opportunities of delivering effective and engaging experiences on digital platforms.

The EOCCS Symposium offers insights into the alternative models of education that have emerged in the digital age. It gathers business schools, companies and other education providers to exchange good practices and explore ways of upgrading the quality of online programmes and upskilling those involved in online education.

The symposium is delivered in an innovative hybrid format that extends participation opportunities and transforms theory into practice.

For additional insights into online learning, EOCCS certification and previous symposiums, follow the conversation here

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