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EFMD's Special Interest Groups are highly focused problem-driven learning groups that allow members of corporate learning organisations to mobilise the collective intelligence of the Learning & Development community to build solutions to common challenges.

The EFMD SIG design is based on a "problem centric" collaborative approach in which a temporary community tackle a set of agreed shared challenges. EFMD provides high-level experts to facilitate the process and a member of the community (prime peer) is initially identified to raise and highlight current challenges.

A practical approach and methodology is used with a workplan that is agreed with participating organisations at the start of the SIG. The outputs from the SIG are a set of tangible deliverables such as defined strategies and approaches, roadmaps, tools, case studies and output from expert research and advice.

The outcomes of each SIG are shared with the wider network (EFMD members and non-members) through the Corporate Advisory Seminar and also the Future Series Webinars, which are available throughout the year.


"Solvay was proud to contribute the EFMD's Digital Age Learning Special Interest Group (DAL SIG). This 9-month project started with some digital age learning characteristics by an active EFMD member. It moved through various phases to gain perspectives from industry thought leaders, and explored relevant digital learning experiences of many large corporations. The DAL SIG's final white paper includes conceptual guidance, practical experiences and lessons learned to help organisations currently expanding, or planning to expand, their usage of digital learning.
EFMD created an open, collaborative and spirited environment for companies across Europe to gather, explore, reflect, learn and share together. We leveraged live face-to-face, virtual and digital exchanges, modelling the dynamics that we came to promote in the white paper."

Bob Zimel

Global Director of Academies and Learning Environment, Solvay Corporate University, Solvay Group

"Pirelli HR team is strongly committed in supporting the digital transformation throughout the whole organisation. Yet, the learning process is one of the most relevant and pervasive inside the organisation on which the digital transformation may bring new platform and tools and support the creation of a working different mindset. As Pirelli Global Learning & Development team we were facing the beginning of this challenge and therefore we took immediately the chance, participating actively in this Special Interest Group (or SIG) focused on the digital age learning.
We were definitely inspired by both the workshops and the professional network generated by the SIG and we took many insights from them which have been progressively developed inside the Pirelli learning frame. The CAS was a perfect opportunity to put all the pieces and inputs together and take action afterwards inside the company."

Donatella de Vita

Global Head of Learning, Development, Engagement and Welfare, Pirelli

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