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In the past two decades expectations of management development have grown significantly. Companies invest billions in development activities and the installation of new units – corporate universities, talent management, top executive programmes etc. – in order to develop their leadership and management potentials. Nonetheless, the impact of these measures gives us cause for serious concern. In order to ride the current management development tailwind, the experts have determined the necessity to improve architecture, processes, methods, selection of vendors, and evaluation of activities.

The 2013 EFMD Leadership Development 2.0 Special Interest Group initiative was launched in response to the leadership development situation in many corporate organisations.

Discover the 2013 “Leadership Development 2.0 Guide” report conclusion.

Organisations that participated in the SIG worked out which components of established leadership development have to be revised and proposed a detailed roadmap for new solutions.

The outcomes of this SIG were been shared within the wider network through the Future Series Webinars:

  • "How to Move Leadership Development to the Next Level"
    This webinar will present and discuss the 10 levers of the “LD 2.0 guide”.
    Speaker: Mario Vaupel (January 2014)
  • “The Future Role of E-learning in Leadership Development”
    This webinar will reflect the changing approaches of e-learning in leadership development.
    Speaker: Martin Raske (February 2014)
  • “Leadership Development 2.0: A New World for Learners and Developers”
    This webinar will focus on the observable and necessary changes of the learners and developers roles.
    Speaker: Jan Schlüter (May 2014)
  • "Business Impact of Leadership Development"
    This webinar will put into question the established solutions to measure the business impact of LD and suggest new ways to do it.
    Speaker: Mario Vaupel (June 2014)

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