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Corporate L&D organisations are increasingly urged to demonstrate and improve the business case for total learning investment by the firm in an environment where resources are limited. This becomes an even bigger challenge in multinational firms where business lines interfere with geographies and in which a corporate L&D organisation frequently acts alongside local L&D providers.

L&D professionals capable of establishing and maintaining a trustful relationship with business executives and with the ability and courage to challenge assumptions are instrumental to the strategic alignment and impact of learning.

The “Learning Business Partner” Special Interest Group was launched in 2010-2011 to develop learning professionals to sparring partners to the business.

Discover the “Learning Business Partner” report conclusions.

This peer group worked on key issues in deploying a Learning Business Partner organisation and developing solutions that participants can implement in their own context. The SIG identified the key levers, tools and solutions that can help to build or improve Learning Business Partner capability in the field of management, talent, workforce and/or organisation development.

The SIG brought together:

A Global Focus supplement features articles from leading stakeholders covering the pressures on learning functions to deliver real added value. It explores the roles learning functions now play, examines how they are embedded and anchored within organisations, and what demands these issues make on learning leaders and professionals.

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