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How we work, with whom, what we do and for how long, will be increasingly influenced by the need to be flexible and adaptable. We as individuals — our skills, experience, aspirations, reputation — will be more visible for companies that, in turn, will become less hierarchical and more permeable.

Sponsored by Cisco, this 2017 EFMD Special Interest Group explored opportunities to organise work differently, so that organisations and individuals can adapt in an ongoing process to a dynamic business context, and achieve a better match of demand and supply of talent. This report introduces the concept of a transparent and adaptive talent market. It provides a bold outlook into the future of work and into alternative strategies for engaging people beyond hierarchies, thereby understanding change as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Discover 2017 “Transparent and Adaptive Talent Market” report conclusions.

HR leaders from 6 companies provided ample insight into the transformative journey toward such a market approach to managing talent, thereby identifying eight critical enablers and inhibitors.

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