Admissions Institute for New Professionals (AINP)

The programme for new admissions professionals


New to recruitment, admissions or marketing within a business school?

The Admissions Institute for New Professionals (AINP) Europe will help you become more effective in your admissions practice.
Gain perspective and understand the current graduate management education (GME) landscape. In essence, master the admissions process while strengthening your professional network.


Run together with GMAC, AINP Europe is unlike anything currently offered in the market. Designed as a cohort learning, executive education experience, this comprehensive program utilises a combined learning methodology that includes lectures, cases, group discussions, workshops, and individual contribution to help participants master the admissions profession.

Experiential learning is key. As part of an interactive classroom environment, you will discuss a fictitious business case together with your peers.


AINP Europe targets to professionals from a variety of schools - large, small, global, and regional - with work experience between six to 36 months in graduate management admissions.

Past attendees have previously held positions in the corporate world or other areas of the university.


Applications are reviewed by a member of GMAC’s Professional Education & Training team who will contact you to review your profile and ensure the programme’s learning objectives fit with your training and development needs and goals.

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  • Learn what role recruitment, admissions and marketing play in sustaining quality growth in the student to alumni lifecycle

  • Understand the current global GME applicant landscape from a unique European perspective

  • Discuss how rankings can impact the admissions process

  • Use rankings knowledge to respond to stakeholder inquiries

  • Plan how your messaging and branding strategies can drive recruitment activities and outreach

  • Identify the impact your role has on prospective student career tracks

  • Learn how applications and interviewing will dictate the class composition and student career prospects

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Programme modules



The best admission tools are useless if not applied within the right context. You will explore the GME landscape, including the forces that have shaped its evolution, like rankings. The programme will also provide you with insights into the mindset of current and future applicants, helping you and your practices go forward.



The outreach module provides the necessary tools to maximise outreach activities throughout the candidate, student and graduate lifecycle, including: enhancement of recruiting events; engagement of candidates by use off different marketing tools; becoming an effective career coach; managing your message when selling to different demographic groups and sizes; and tailoring and implementing effective management strategies.



The evaluation module will teach you to review an application and prepare for an interview, interview effectively, and implement effective strategies for crafting a class.


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