Online Teaching Academy

Mastering online teaching in business education



Master your online teaching skills and keep up with rapidly-evolving trends in online business education.

Become an EFMD Certified Online Facilitator by participating in the Online Teaching Academy, a five-week blended programme brought by the EFMD with the support of IE Business School and Imperial College Business School.


The Online Teaching Academy will provide you with the theoretical and practical tools to design an effective online or blended learning experience in management education, based on sound learning-design principles, best practice examples and trends.

Consult the detailed syllabus and see how you can enhance your academic and professional development.


The programme is a perfect fit for:
  • Faculty and early-career researchers with no experience in online learning or teaching
  • Faculty with some experience of teaching blended or online modules within management education, seeking to explore new techniques and trends
  • Learning design professionals with a basic knowledge of online learning design interested in understanding the wider landscape of teaching online at a higher education institution


You will embark on a flexible learning journey consisting of three phases:

  1. Online phase - two weeks online with two synchronous video conferences
  2. Residential period - a three-day face-to-face workshop
  3. Online phase: personal assignment and peer review exercises - two weeks of independent learning with a final assignment

Ready to join the programme?


“I feel honoured and very excited to be part of this programme. I am pleased to be able to help other institutions develop their understanding and capabilities in the field of online teaching.

We have designed a comprehensive syllabus that will give participants an overview of the sector and that covers online learning methodologies, formats, principles and basic concepts of instructional design. We will have enriching discussions on online teaching strategies as well as analyse the trends in this ever-changing format.”

Martín Rodríguez

Director of IE Publishing & High Impact Online Programs at IE Business School & IE Exponential Learning


  • OPEN

    new perspectives on online learning and review its key benefits and challenges


    your online and blended course design skills


    the concepts of interaction, assessment, feedback and learning analytics in an online learning sphere


    your final project and design an online or blended course


    with the global learning community and facilitators

  • EARN

    the EFMD Online Facilitator’s Certificate

Our learning environment is powered by insendi, a learning experience platform designed to enable business schools to deliver premium online and blended learning programmes. insendi is driven by an educational vision: a belief that online education can have the same transformational impact as the very best face-to-face courses. insendi originates from Imperial College business school and provides the technology and services to the Future of Management Education (FOME) alliance.



  • Articulate advantages of online education to support students’ academic and professional development

  • Compare and contrast different models of online & blended learning

  • Identify key challenges and discuss strategies and tools for potential solutions

  • Reflect on the use of learning analytics to gather insights into learner behaviour


  • Design blended or online courses based on sound learning-design principles and current best practices

  • Create a holistic learning experience to engage students and enhance learning

  • Apply different methods, resources and tools to support online learners

  • Design formative and summative assessments. Deliver effective synchronous learning sessions

The programme Facilitators

The Online Teaching Academy is a professional development programme led by highly-experienced professionals involved in shaping the global online education environment.


Sarah Grant

Associate Director of Edtech Lab at Imperial College Business School

Martín Rodríguez

Director of IE Publishing & High Impact Online Programs at IE Business School & IE Exponential Learning.
Adjunct Professor Of Managing Creative Projects


  • Practical information and programme
  • Detailed Syllabus


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