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EFMD supports your commitment towards continuous improvement

Excellence in Practice Awards

Have you formed an excellent partnership with a client-organisation that you want to showcase among the global management L&D network? Take part in the annual Excellence in Practice Awards (EiP) recognising outstanding and impactful partnerships in the domains of Leadership, Professional, Talent and Organisational Development.

Browse the EiP Awards winners cases to be inspired and get new perspectives on future projects!

EFMD Online Course Certification System (EOCCS)

EOCCS provides business and management courses run online with a quality-driven international certification system, firmly embedded in the general philosophy of EFMD accreditations: internationalisation, practical relevance and quality improvement.

Business School Impact System (BSIS)

Originally designed for business schools, this comprehensive impact assessment tool helps you demonstrate your impact to the internal and external stakeholders.

Take part in the BSIS process and identify the tangible and intangible benefits that you bring to the local environment.

Sharing insights on best practices

Learn, network and keep up with the latest developments by joining EFMD Global events organised both face-to-face and online

EFMD Future Series

Take part in these online meetings and roundtables that highlight contemporary issues in corporate learning. The meetings will focus on the outcomes of Special Interest Groups; draw conclusions from the learning and development partners who were recognised by the Excellence in Practice Awards and cover a large variety of topical issues that our members are facing in executive education.

Executive Development Conference

Join EFMD's Executive Development Conference - a unique forum to foster discussion and connection between the corporate world and the learning providers.

Cultivating a diverse community of representatives from the executive development ecosystem broadens the conversation and ensures that the contribution of executive development to business is even more valuable.

2020 EFMD Annual Conference attendee

'EFMD Annual Conference is a fantastic event where topics of strategic priority are discussed and debated. An event not to be missed, if you wish to be part of an elite club - club of great thinkers and great b-schools that challenge the world and invest in bright future. It is about developmental opportunities, networking and collaboration: the event not to be missed if you wish to stay relevant and connected.'

Annual Conference

Learn and reflect with industry peers and thought leaders that come together to tackle burning subjects such as education in the current geopolitical context, collaborative research, creative leadership and digital learning strategies.

Conference for Deans & Directors General

Be part of this event to debate with leaders globally on how business education can address society’s challenges and discuss the evolving relationship between higher education, companies and governments. Share best practices and get an update on new trends.

Regional Conferences

The Americas, Asia and Central & Eastern Europe Annual Conferences create opportunities for the management development community in the region to connect while engaging with content that is relevant to them and their realities.

Professional & personal development

A variety of tailored advisory seminars, workshops and webinars help learning professionals to acquire the state-of-the-art skills

Executive Academy

The Executive Academy is an empowering development programme for senior teaching & learning professionals, enabling you to further develop your leadership competencies and effectiveness.

Gamification of learning

Gamification is an approach that builds on the psychology of human engagement and capitalises on the exciting, motivating and engaging strategies and design ideas from games. Whether you are working on adjusting your content to the digital environment, tackling a challenging topic or seeking to motivate learners to complete assigned materials and readings, gamification is the right approach for you.

Online Teaching Academy

Master your online teaching skills, all while keeping up with trends in online business education. This certified professional development programme provides theoretical and practical tools to design an effective online or blended learning experience based on sound learning-design principles, best practices and insights.

SDG Workshops

Are you interested in weaving sustainability into your organisational culture, strategies and operations? Learn how the UN Sustainable Development Goals can be applied to approach sustainability in a systematic way to achieve tangible progress.

Further opportunities to collaborate

Engage your organisation in the community and increase your visibility

Are you interested in exploring further opportunities to engage with the EFMD network? We are looking for sponsors and subject matter experts for a variety of projects. 

As a learning expert in a leading topic, you may contribute at a conference or facilitate a working group. Your expertise might also be appreciated on the jury of our competition or a conference steering committee. Your organisation may also be interested in hosting an event. Be welcome to explore further collaborations with EFMD.

'You learn so much from the cases and then even more from the discussions with an impressive internationally diverse group of jury members. It’s a wonderful learning opportunity.'

Rayner Canning

Director, Business Development Unit, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town

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