Be part of the most diverse business education network

and stay ahead of the curve in management development

Be part of the most diverse business education network

and stay ahead of the curve in management development


Everything EFMD does is member-informed and driven; members are the lifeblood of why we do what we do and how we do what we do.

With the wide portfolio of activities and services we offer, there is an opportunity within our network for all management development organisations to take part in, benefit from, and give back to.

Join EFMD to reach highest standards and support management development around the world.


Membership Benefits

As an EFMD member, you can take advantage of a variety of activities and services, depending on the needs of your organisation and staff.

Peer-based Network

Become part of the largest community of management development professionals worldwide, from both academic and corporate worlds.

You will benefit from a large portfolio of networking opportunities through our conferences and events, share and benchmark your experience, and consider future partnerships.

As a member, you embrace EFMD’s mission to enhance excellence in management education globally.

Professional and Personal Development

A variety of tailored intensive workshops to help business school and corporate learning professionals excel in their professions.

International Projects, Leadership and Advocacy

From our capacity building initiatives alongside other international projects in areas like entrepreneurship and innovation, to our partnerships with CEIBS and GRLI, we are committed to an international approach to business education and to support quality in management education around the world.

Networking and Learning Events

With events targeting every type of professional in the sector, EFMD offers events where you can truly connect with your peers and benefit from:
  • Preferential rates 
  • Access to Special Interest Groups, specialised seminars and free webinars.

Research and Knowledge

Access to:

  • Industry relevant research and publications
  • EFMD research projects and surveys
  • EFMD newsletters & Global Focus magazine
  • EFMD online Membership Directory
  • Outcomes of all EFMD events

Talent Placement

  • Access to Highered - EFMD Career Service Management System, connecting companies, top business schools and students
  • Complimentary job advertisements for academic and administrative positions at EFMD member organisations available at the EFMD jobs board
  • Annual Job Fair for PhDs in Business and Management
  • 414C


  • 414C


  • 414C


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