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Company Membership


Full membership is for companies actively involved in management development.

As a full member you have:

  • voting rights in the EFMD and EFMD GN Annual General Assemblies
  • access to our full portfolio of services
  • access to CLIP accreditation
  • preferential rates to attend EFMD events and programmes
  • access to Highered - EFMD Shared Career Services
  • access to the online membership overview

 More information on the benefits

€8024 (year 2024)


Formal application

A company that wishes to become a member completes an application form. The application form can be requested here.

Profile questionnaire

In addition to the application form, you will have to fill in the profile questionnaire, a detailed document describing the organisation and specifying its interests and expectations.

Membership review

Once finalised, each application is reviewed by the Corporate Membership Review Committee and the EFMD & EFMD GN President. The Committee then submits all the membership applications to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Approval by the General Assemblies

The Board of Trustees passes their proposals to the Annual General Assemblies, who meet in June. It is during these Assemblies that members are officially ratified.

Additional notes: