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Educational Leadership and Strategy

Category sponsored by: Journal of Educational Administration


Maxwell Ho Chun Sing
The Education University of Hong Kong
PhD obtained at: The Education University of Hong Kong
Thesis title: Teachers’ entrepreneurial behavior and its impact in school: Cases studies in Hong Kong
Supervisor: Dr Darren Anthony Bryant

Highly Commended

Belinda C. Hughes
University of Manchester
PhD obtained at: University of Manchester
Thesis title: An investigation into a Chief Executive Officer of a multi-academy trust in England
Supervisor: Prof. Helen Gunter

Florit Yaakov-Firuz
Bar-Ilan University
PhD obtained at: Bar-Ilan University
Thesis title: Mentoring New Principals: Investigating the Models and Stages of Development of the Mentoring Process in the First Two Years of Principals’ Work
Supervisor: Prof. Chen Schechter


Category sponsored by: Managerial Finance


Stephen Zamore
University of Agder
PhD obtained at: University of Agder
Thesis Title: Risk Management and Efficiency of Microfinance Institutions
Supervisor: Roy Mersland and Leif Atle Beisland

Highly Commended

Amira Abid
Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, University of Sfax
PhD obtained at: University of Sfax
Thesis title: Optimal debt, implied rating and implied default probability: a quantitative analysis based on CDS
Supervisor: Fathi Abid

Ashley Ding
Macquarie University
PhD obtained at: University of Queensland
Thesis title: Environmental Delta: Essays on Energy, Volatility and Climate Change
Supervisor: Martina Linnenluecke

Boris Fays
HEC Liège, Management School, ULiège
PhD obtained at: HEC Liège, Management School, ULiège
Thesis title: Efficient Construction of Linear and Nonlinear Equity Risk Strategies
Supervisor: Marie Lambert

Nicu Sprincean
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi
PhD obtained at: Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi
Thesis title: Business Cycles and Systemic Risk
Supervisor: Alin Marius Andries

Health Care Management

Category sponsored by: Journal of Health Organization and Management


Lila Petar Vrklevski
University of Tasmania
PhD obtained at: University of Tasmania
Thesis title: Professional roles and identity in public mental health services: the mulifaceted interation of belonging, attachment, power and activities.
Supervisors: Dr Kathy Eljiz and Professor David Greenfield

Highly Commended

Wouter A Keijser
University of Twente
PhD obtained at: University of Twente
Thesis title: Opening Up Medicine: Physicians and Leadership in Times of Transformation
Supervisor: Prof. Dr Celeste Wilderom

Anne Schmitz
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
PhD obtained at: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Thesis title: International analysis of the usage intention of virtual doctor appointments: an adaptation of the UTAUT2 theory
Supervisors: Ana María Díaz Martín & María Jesús Yagüe Guillén

Charlotte Sharp
Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester
PhD obtained at: The University of Manchester
Thesis title: Products from healthcare research: designated boundary object to boundary object-in-use
Supervisor: Prof. Ruth Boaden

Human Resource Management

Category sponsored by: Personnel Review


Roxanne Stockwell
University of Bath
PhD obtained at: University of Bath
Thesis title: The Experiences and Responses of Business Graduates to Employer Selection Mechanisms: A Case Study
Supervisor: Prof. Rajani Naidoo

Highly Commended

Dr.Geetika Malik Chandra
University of Delhi
PhD obtained at: University of Delhi
Thesis title: Organizational Consequences of Human Resource Outsourcing in Indian Organizations
Supervisor: Prof. A Venkat Raman

Giverny De Boeck
Curtin University
PhD obtained at: KU Leuven, Belgium
Thesis title: The Realization of Potential in the Workplace: An Employer and Employee Perspective
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Nicky Dries

Nevena Isaeva
University of Birmingham
PhD obtained at: University of Birmingham
Thesis title: Trust and distrust in intra-organisational relationships
Supervisor: Mark NK Saunders

Joey Soehardjojo
Cardiff University
PhD obtained at: Warwick Business School
Thesis title: Knowledge and HRM Practice Transfer in Emerging Economies: The Case of Japanese Joint Ventures in Indonesia
Supervisor: Prof. Guglielmo Meardi

Leadership and Organization Development

Category sponsored by: Leadership & Organization Development Journal


Esme Franken
Edith Cowan University
PhD obtained at: Victoria University of Wellington
Thesis title: Building people up: Leadership and employee resilience
Supervisors: Dr Geoff Plimmer, Prof Sanna Malinen and Prof Jane Bryson

Highly Commended

Dr. Swapnil Barmase
IESE Business School, University of Navarra
Thesis title: Against the flow: A process theory of imprinting and economics of organizational compassion
Supervisor: Prof. Joan Fontrodona

Seren Dalkiran
University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA), Utrecht University & Varna University of Management and Prof Dr. Geert Hofstede
PhD obtained at: University of Notre Dame (UNDA) in partnership and co-supervision with Utrecht University and Varna University of Management
Thesis title: Millennial Emergence: Worldviews, Value-Orientations and Leadership Paradigms among Global Youth Leadership Networks
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. John Rees, Prof ir. Klaas van Egmond and Prof Michael Minkov

Marcella Hoogeboom
University of Twente
PhD obtained at: University of Twente
Thesis title: Micro-behavioral Building Blocks of Leadership, Followership and Team Interaction
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. C.P.M. Wilderom

Svjetlana Pantic-Dragisic
Linköping University
PhD obtained at: Linköping University
Thesis title: The interplay between organizational capabilities and individual skills: Studies of technical and engineering consulting firms
Supervisor: Jonas Söderlund

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Category sponsored by: International Journal of Logistics Management


Marc van den Berg
University of Twente
PhD obtained at: University of Twente
Thesis title: Managing Circular Building Projects
Supervisors: Hans Voordijk and Arjen Adriaanse

Highly Commended

Dung H. Nguyen

University of Economics and Law (Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City)
PhD obtained at: VU University Amsterdam
Thesis title: Order fulfillment and consumer behavior in online retailing

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Wout Dullaert and Prof. Dr. Ir. Sander de Leeuw (promoters), Dr. Jelle de Vries (co-promoter)

Devendra Kumar Pathak
Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kashipur
PhD obtained at: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, Department of Management Studies
Thesis title: Performance Management of Sustainable Freight Transportation: A Study of Select Issues
Supervisor: Prof. Ravi Shankar

Ricardo Augusto Zimmermann
University of Aveiro
PhD obtained at: University of Aveiro
Thesis title: Innovation and supply chain management: strategies, capabilities, and the effect of fit on business performance
Supervisor: Luís Miguel Domingues Ferreira and Antonio Carrizo Moreira

Management and Governance

Category sponsored by: Management Decision


Kathleen M Crowley
George Washington University
PhD obtained at: George Washington University
Thesis title: Dynamics of Creativity: How Early Drug Discovery Scientists Experience Creativity
Supervisor: Shiasta Khilji

Highly Commended

Dr. Gunther Glenk
University of Mannheim
PhD obtained at: Technische Universität München
Thesis title: Economics of Renewable Hydrogen
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl


Category sponsored by:European Journal of Marketing


Tim Hilken
Maastricht University
PhD obtained at: Maastricht University
Thesis title: Seeing is believing: enhancing the customer experience with augmented reality
Supervisor: Prof. Dr Ko de Ruyter

Highly Commended

Freya De Keyzer
University of Antwerp
PhD obtained at: University of Antwerp
Thesis title: Brand Communication on Social Networking Sites
Supervisors: Prof.Dr Nathalie Dens; Prof.Dr Patrick De Pelsmacker

Ramona De Luca
PhD obtained at: FGV-EAESP
Thesis title: A cognitive approach to scent marketing: the effect of odor priming and processing dynamics on consumer aesthetic preferences and choices
Supervisor: Delane Botelho

Hugo Guyader
Linköping University
PhD obtained at: Linköping University
Thesis title: The Heart & Wallet Paradox of Collaborative Consumption
Supervisor: Lars Witell

Rafael San José Iglesias
Auckland University of Technology
PhD obtained at: Auckland University of Technology
Thesis title: Construction of Image and Attitudes Toward Global-Local Brand Alliances: The Effects of Globalness and Localness
Supervisor: Associate Professor Mark Glynn

Michiel Van Crombrugge
Erasmus University Rotterdam
PhD obtained at: KU Leuven
Thesis title: Empirical Studies on Manufacturer Direct Channels
Supervisor: Els Breugelmans

Operations and Production Management

Category sponsored by International Journal of Operations & Production Management


Henrik Franke
ETH Zürich
PhD obtained at: EBS University for Business and Law
Thesis title: Behavioral Challenges to Cross-Functional Teams: Essays on Politics and Conflict in Global Sourcing Decision Making
Supervisor: Kai Foerstl

Highly Commended

Rima Al Hasan
University of Jordan
PhD obtained at: Warwick Business school / University of Warwick
Thesis title: Exploring the interplay between process improvement approaches and product innovation
Supervisors: Prof. Pietro Micheli & Prof. Sotirios Paroutis

Jon Bokrantz
Chalmers University of Technology
PhD obtained at: Chalmers University of Technology
Thesis title: Smart Maintenance - maintenance in digitalised manufacturing
Supervisor: Anders Skoogh

Yiyi Fan
Lancaster University
PhD obtained at:Lancaster University
Thesis title: Multi-Level Buyer-Supplier Relationships and Their Influence on Supply Chain Risk Management
Supervisor: Prof. Mark Stevenson

Philipp Christropher Sauer
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
PhD obtained at: University of Kassel
Thesis title: Multi-tier sustainable supply chain management - learning from the minerals case
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Seuring

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Category sponsored by: Tourism Review


Christopher S. Dutt
Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management
PhD obtained at: University of Exeter
Thesis title: The role of tourism in bridging the gap between expatriates and hosts: A case of the United Arab Emirates
Supervisor: William Harvey

Highly Commended

Samira Zare
University of Queensland
Thesis title: Recall and Post-trip Evaluation of Tourist Destinations; the Effects of Travel Order
Supervisor: Prof. Philip Pearce

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