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Promoting Excellence in Corporate Learning & Development


EFMD facilitates a global community of dedicated learning & development professionals who share the passion of exploring together the future of the profession on its path to excellence.

Building world-class learning functions

Take advantage of strategic development tools designed for the corporate learning function

Corporate Learning Improvement Process

As an accreditation scheme for corporate learning functions, the Corporate Learning Improvement Process (CLIP) assesses world-class quality in all aspects of learning and development, thereby following a robust process based on self-assessment and peer review.

CLIP is a globally recognised corporate learning quality brand. CLIP assumes a continuous development approach.

Strategic Learning Review

The Strategic Learning Review (SLR) is a more focused CLIP spin-off that provides expertise and helps companies to take stock of their L&D function’s strategic impact and operational performance.

Pushing the frontiers of the learning profession

Elevate your professional development with specialised awards & peer groups

Excellence in Practice Awards

The annual Excellence in Practice Award (EiP) recognise interesting and impactful partnership cases of talent, executive or organisational development coming from around the world.

Special Interest Groups

Problem-centric Special Interest Groups (SIG) gather a group of companies facing common challenges. Supported by a facilitator and subject matter expert, peer groups explore and clarify the problem, generate ideas and prepare together solutions for implementation.

Sharing insights on best practices

Leverage the advantages of a robust learning community

Sharing Best Practice workshops

Hosted by CLIP Accredited companies, Sharing Best Practice (SBP) workshops offer our members twice a year the privilege to discover the points of excellence and the lessons learned through CLIP peer reviews, and the opportunity to debate with peers.

Executive Development Conference

The annual Executive Development Conference brings together professionals from business schools, executive development centres and companies to reflect on world-class education and development, thereby featuring the winning EiP Award cases.

Corporate Advisory Seminars

Corporate Advisory Seminars (CAS) draw on the findings of a Special Interest Group (SIG). Companies participating in the SIG share their emerging best practices with members from the wider EFMD network.

EFMD Future Series

EFMD Future Series are online meetings and roundtables that highlight contemporary issues in corporate learning:  they focus on the outcomes of a Special Interest Group; they draw conclusions from the learning and development partners who were recognised by the Excellence in Practice Award; they also cover a large variety of topical issues that our members are facing.

Knowledge dissemination

Dive into a wide range of publications

CLIP reports

CLIP reports showcase examples of how CLIP-accredited companies have successfully been approaching learning and development challenges.

Global Focus magazine

The Global Focus magazine and the GF Special Supplements feature the EiP winning cases, the output of our different SIG working groups, summaries of member surveys and outlooks into the future of our profession.

Broader Network Opportunities

Benefit from an extended portfolio of talent management & networking services

  • Highered Talent Portal

    EFMD corporate members also gain privileged access to Highered – EFMD Shared Career Services, a digital platform matching global demand and supply of internships, graduate programs and experienced hire opportunities between EFMD member schools and recruiters.

  • Talent Fairs

    The EFMD Virtual Career Fair Series by Highered allows companies and organisations to attract and engage top talent from schools around the globe in a sophisticated job fair simulation environment. The fairs enable real-time interaction between recruiters and candidates while strengthening your employer branding.

  • Contacts Directory

    The Online EFMD Membership Overview allows you to search for and connect with the EFMD community via an online platform.

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