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Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards - (ODRA) winner 2022

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ODRA 2022


Vanessa Sofia Melo Magalhães
University of Coimbra, Portugal
PhD obtained at: University of Coimbra, Portugal
Thesis title: Framework Development for the Prevention of Food Loss and Waste: An Analysis Along the Fresh Food Supply Chain

‘The main goals of my PhD thesis were to advance our understanding of food loss and waste along fresh food supply chains and provide a research framework to guide future investigations seeking the most promising mitigation strategies.

I feel equally honoured and humbled to have been recognised for my work. It is a recognition of what I had set out to achieve with my PhD. I am grateful to the organisers of this award programme and the judging panel for acknowledging my contribution to responsible management and achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

I also want to thank my research advisors, Professor Luís Ferreira and Professor Cristóvão Silva from the University of Coimbra. Their guidance, expertise, and unwavering support have been instrumental in the success of my research, and I am privileged to have worked with such outstanding researchers.’

Highly Commended

Rafael Lorenz
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
PhD obtained at: ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Thesis title: Data-Enabled Productivity Improvement in Manufacturing

‘Research on the effects of digitalization on operational performance remains limited, requiring operations managers to make strategic decisions on digital solutions under uncertainty. My research informs operations managers how to prepare for digitalization, supports manufacturers in exploring and selecting digital solutions that fit their specific requirements, and guides them on how to implement and scale digital solutions in manufacturing.

I am honoured to receive this recognition. It confirms the relevance and importance of my research and will hopefully encourage fellow researchers. Most importantly, this research has been a joint effort and I am indebted to the support from my professor, my co-supervisor, and the colleagues I have been working with.’

Marco Escadas
University of Minho, Portugal
PhD obtained at: University of Minho, Portugal
Thesis title: From Sufficient to Necessary: The Integrated Role of Emotions on Consumer Ethical Decision Making

‘The integrated role emotions play in explaining and predicting consumer ethical decisions uncovered in this research would appear to be significant not just for business, but for life as well. I am thrilled and honoured to be recognized as a Highly Commended entrant of the 2022 Emerald and EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards. This is really an amazing milestone.

A very special thank you to my supervisors, Professor Minoo Farhangmehr, from the University of Minho, and Professor Marjan S. Jalali, from ISCTE Business School, for their guidance, patience, and enthusiastic support in all stages of this process. Thank you very much to Emerald, EFMD, and the judging panel for continuing to support emerging researchers and projects.’