• Draft application: Free feedback on the datasheet
  • Formal application: Application submitted to EDAF Committee for eligibility decision 
  • Funding application: School may apply for fee reduction which will depend on the financial situation.


  • Decision may be 'eligible' (with or without funding) or 'not eligible' (reasons given).

Self-assessment report

  • Provides the opportunity for the institution to take stock of its situation
  • Carries out a comprehensive strategic assessment for the institution
  • Results in an unbiased and critical self-evaluation

Peer-advisory visit & report

  • Purpose: to establish where the school stands, benchmarked by international comparison using structured criteria
  • Provides a basis for advice and subsequent mentoring.
  • Interviews with a wide range of stakeholders to obtain cross-section of opinions and then draw conclusions
  • Outcome of the visit is the peer advisory report which includes recommendations of the peer advisory team
  • Reference document for the mentoring process

Three-year mentoring process

  • Peer assessment as a starting base-line
  • Mentor appointed from the peer advisory team for 3 years
  • Mentor role is advisory not executive
  • Advice on aspects such as:
    - Development of activity areas in the institution
    - Senior management structure

Business school development objectives

  • As a result of/upon previous steps, the business school is capable to meet their development objectives

EDAF certificate

  • Once the mentoring process is finalised, the Institution receives an EDAF certificate
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