Executive Academy

Leading with impact: oneself, others and successful programmes



The Executive Academy is an empowering development programme for senior teaching & learning professionals,
enabling you to further develop your leadership competencies and effectiveness.


Through an integrated approach, you will move beyond the conventional institutional responses to market challenges. The strong international focus will reinforce your ability to integrate global trends into your day-to-day work. In a nutshell, the Executive Academy targets three areas of interest:
  • Personal development
  • Capstone project development and its practical implementation
  • Effectivity and performance enhancement of particular executive roles


Needs of teaching & learning professionals lie at the heart of our mission. Interested applicants should have a complete overview of – though not necessarily direct responsibility for – the entire academic value chain from admissions to programme design & administration, career services and alumni management. These can be:
  • Associate/Assistant deans of teaching & learning
  • Department chairs
  • Programme directors
  • Senior programme managers
  • Corporate talent managers (upon previous agreement)


The Executive Academy follows a rolling admission process with the maximum of 20 participants accepted for each stream.  All potential candidates must undergo an admission process that consists of the following steps:
  • Completion and submission of the application form
  • Assessment of the application by the EA Director
  • 30-minute virtual interview with the EA Director
  • Approval for enrollment from the EA Steering Committee


Europe Stream

22-26 May 2023

Prague, Czech Republic


Americas Stream

4-8 March 2024
Miami, USA


Asia Stream


Shanghai, China


"We live in times of change in all industries. What about education? Shouldn’t we also be thinking about how to face this change? The Executive Academy is about personal development, your development! It expands your professional network and offers a new way of looking at the higher education industry."

Jordi Díaz
Director, Executive Academy


Develop an in-depth understanding of how to become a more effective driver of change.

    Meet your own specific learning objectives

  • develop

    Build capacity for sustained professional and personal improvement

  • influence

    Assume more strategic responsibility

  • connect

    Keep in touch and strengthen your connections with like-minded peers through alumni network

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The Executive Academy combines techniques of observer calibration, conceptual analysis, facilitation and one-on-one coaching with feedback.
The learning and development journey consists of three main modules:

  • Individual preparation, including project work, and mandatory & recommended readings combined with self-evaluation tests (20 hours est.)
  • A full week of face-to-face training
  • Capstone activity & feed-forward session with hands-on project supervision and coaching (20 hours est.)

programme pillars

  • Leading oneself

    You will go through a self-discovery process to better understand your strengths and limitations, benchmarking your self-knowledge against self-leadership. Supported by 360° assessment.

  • Leading others

    You will discover different ways of motivating and influencing staff, superiors and colleagues. You will learn how to maintain motivation in the people around you and how you can transform reservation into a source of creativity as well as convert demanding stakeholders into committed ones.

  • Leading successful programmes

    You will explore how to advance a strategy-driven programme design and review process and how to manage different performance layers. You will learn how to interlink stakeholder expectations and satisfaction with impact and relevance agendas as well as how to capture opportunities related to disruptive innovation.


  • Professional Certificate

    Upon successful completion of Modules 1-3, you will receive the Executive Academy Certificate issued by EFMD Global Network, which is a leading qualification for Teaching & Learning professionals globally.

  • Alumni Networking

    As an alumnus of the Executive Academy, you are cordially invited to join the EA Alumni Association to take advantage of networking activities helping you to stay connected and informed about new developments relevant for your professional role. You will also get an opportunity to contribute to future editions of the Executive Academy and other activities within the EFMD Global Network.

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"The EFMD GN Executive Academy offered individual development and self-reflection as well as the opportunity to learn from interaction with peers. For me, the mix was perfect. The face-to-face week was very well organized, and I was impressed by how soon a sharing atmosphere was created! The fact that all participants work in different academic contexts gave ample opportunities to benchmark alternative approaches to the challenges I see in my school."

Anna Blombäck
Associate Dean of Education, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden

"Per Aspera ad Astra (Through a Path of Thorns to the Stars): EA is well organized, demanding and exciting program with lots of work leading to lots of joy with partners – co-equals from various contexts. Efforts leads to results!
Fabula Docet (Story teaches us): EA story with its proper structure and content taught me a lot on encouragement, motivation and sharing!"

Jurica Pavičić
Dean, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, Croatia

"The EFMD GN Executive Academy is an eye-opening experience for all participants. The intensive exchange with outstanding peers helps address common challenges and find solutions in a collaborative and concrete way. A truly thought-provoking training that facilitates at the same time personal as well as professional development."

Maximilian Rech
Programme Director, ESSCA School of Management, France

"The participant will benefit more from the program if he or she has a position within the senior management of the school. The approach is eminently practical, and it balances soft skills and the usual competencies that every Director should have. In my case, I completed the program at the right time, a few months after I took on my new role as Director General. The tools and tests were very useful for overcoming the education management challenges I face every day."

Percy Marquina Feldman
Director General and Professor Principal, CENTRUM PUCP Graduate Business School, Peru


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